Friday, February 13, 2009

Longhorn Steakhouse

Tonight I had a hankering for a steak. So I planned to for my wife and I to head to a familiar place, Lonestar Steakhouse. The line looked really long, so we decided instead to try the newer Longhorn Steakhouse. This is a chain resteraunt and the one we visited was on Memorial near Highland Park Dr at Quail Springs mall.

As we soon discovered we were in for a long wait of about and hour. Keep in mind we showed up about 6:05pm on a Friday the 13th of February right before Valentines. Because of this we in no way hold the wait against them. Now for the actual review.

We took some time to look at the enviroment on our way to our seat. The room was lit for an intimate setting. In all honestly the lighting was pretty perfect. It wasn't dim but it wasn't too bright. Most of the lighting was indirect so you didn't have any glare or any light shinning in your face. It is an open resteraunt. You can see across the entire resteraunt, even over the bar in the middle. The noise level was moderate. We could easily hear each other when speaking, but we could also hear those around us pretty well. It wasn't loud though. We couldn't hear the bar or the the group 5 tables away. The resteraunt was clean, even the bathrooms. The tables are spacious and easy to maneuver. People are crowded into walkways nor rubbing elbows with other tables. They had the obligatory country music playing which could easily be heard, but wasn't blaring. It was also fairly easy to tune out. Enough of the enviroment, let's get to the meat of the review.....(that pun may have been intended)

Service was fast. Our waitress was Shandell and she took good care of us. They have a variety of drinks and about 7 types of tea. One of the choices was Mango, which if you know Les made her day. With our drinks, came some bread. The bread is harvest wheat type and tasted good. Nothing to write home about but definately adequate.

There were a couple of items that seemed like good options, but we choose to go with a Crispy Chicken Trio. It looked good when it arrived. They came with 3 dipping sauces; BBQ, Honey Mustard and a Polynesian sauce. This dish was actually one of the tastiest things we've ever had. The chicken was breaded and tasted goog. It wasn't too oily or greasy. Just overall very good. Serving size was towards the large size, definately more than enough for two if not four. This was an A+ dish.

Salads and Entrees:
Our salads arrived next. They were very large. However, the taste was very average. They weren't bad, just average. Our entrees followed salad. I had a 12oz ribeye with a baked potato. Les had a sirloin and shrimp scampi with a baked potato. We took a few quick picks which hopefully will show up in this post. The shrimp was incredible, albeit swimming in butter. The dishes looked great. Alas, hear is were we start to slow on the review. The steaks were cooked as desired (medium). The flavor however was lacking. The were hints of a rub and peppered seasoning, but it seems like only half of the steak were seasoned.

Everything was at minimum good. Somethings were great. Nothing screams, "Eat Here". I can't even choose this over other similar resteraunts. However, I wouldn't decline eating here. Overall, we feel the resteraunt is a 3 out of 5.

Until next time....

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